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> HI - sorry to raise this subject again. The trouble was I didn't pay much attention to the discussion at the time and now a colleague is in trouble with his
> PAGE turning into a mosiac. What are the suggestions for drying high 
> percentage gels? Fixing protocols? Use of glycerol/TCA??? These are the two
> I remember but not in too much detail! I would (and he) appreciate the 
> responses,
> 		Cheers, Michelle
After final destaining:
Soak gel in 5% MeOH/10%Acetic acid for 30 min.

Replace with 10% Acetic Acid and shake for an additional 30 min.

Replace with 3% glycerol in 10% acetic acid and soak (w shaking) for 10 
to 15 min. This time is empirical and gels of different % need different 
time ranging from just 5 min for 7.5% gel to may be 30 min for a 15% gel.

Gradient gels are difficult if they are cast 1.5mm thick. Best 
hassle-free drying happens with gels that are 1mm or less in thick ness, 
even gradient gels.

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