Ambion HybSpeed RNase protection assay kit

Bernard Khoo WCI bcek1 at
Tue May 23 16:19:07 EST 1995

Dear all,

A leaflet from Ambion just popped into my mailbox this morning... it advertises
a new-and-improved version of their RPA kit, called HybSpeed. Supposedly
this allows you to complete hybridisation within 10 minutes at 68oC instead of
a standard O/N hybridisation at 45oC and is 1.5-3 times more sensitive than
their RPA II kit. Only catch, of course, is the price -- UK pounds 260 for
100 reactions.

Sounds like they've modified the hybridisation buffer to me; in the article
they say that it does not involve using a 'crowder' like dextran sulphate, nor
does it involve phenol emulsion reassociation. Has anybody out there tried this
kit, or have any idea what Ambion might have done to modify the hyb buffer?


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