ABI sequencing of GC-rich promoter: help!

Heidi Moss hmmoss at MAIL.MED.CORNELL.EDU
Tue May 23 09:58:14 EST 1995

I am attempting to characterize a TATA-less GC-rich promoter element, but 
my sequence data in that region is far from perfect. I know my primers 
are fine (I am simply working with T7, 22-mer, and T3, 20-mer, for 
subclones in pBlue, just to be safe for now), and they have worked 
beautifully in other regions from my genomic subclones. In addition, I 
carefully purify my DNA via Qiagen and quantitate by spec and agarose gel. 
Nonetheless, this region proves to be troublesome. 
Any advice would be appreciated: general or specific!!
-- Heidi

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