Best KIT for PCR-cloning???

Tue May 23 12:39:52 EST 1995

In article <1995May22.102623.51788 at> sl6dp at writes:
>I am thinking about using a kit for cloning of my PCR products, there are
>a few in the market and I wander if someone can give me a hand and tell
>me about your experience with any of them, if they worked, which do you
>think is best and why...?


I have used two kits, one from Statagene and one from Pharmacia.
The one from Statagene did not work in my case because you need
to have a big quantity of DNA to clone, and I do not obtain a lot 
of DNA after PCR.
The one from Pharmacia (SureClone Ligation kit) works perfectly 
in my case, and it is not too expensive.

Hope this help


moulard at

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