Help! Need pT7-7 sequence

Iain Wilson wilson at
Wed May 24 04:25:06 EST 1995

"Juan J. Aviles" <aviles> wrote:
> Please, can anyone send me the complete sequence for pT7-7 expression vector?
> Thanks in advance.
> Juan J. Aviles, PhD. Student
> Dpt. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
> Univ. of Barcelona

If you got the pT7-7 sequence 'legally' from the chap at (I think) Harvard
then you should have got the sequence. I had a similar request, on the 
behalf of a student in my former laboratory, some time ago and then
wrote to the chap at Harvard, whose name escapes me - and I no longer have
the sequence because it's with the legally sent (for free to academic
researchers) plasmid back in Oxford. BTW - you haven't given your
full e-mail address.

wilson at

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