Sterilize E-poration cuvettes ?

Michael Cooley szcooley at
Thu May 25 10:25:04 EST 1995

Stefan Baeckstroem (seab at nucleus) wrote:
:  Hello Electroporating people.

: How do you sterilize the single-use cuvettes from Bio-rad ?
: I don't want to throw the cuvettes after one Zapp and I
: wonder if you have some great method for this. 
: I guess that you first rinse them with water or something
: directly after the Zapp and then you use ethanol to sterilize with, 
: and then letting them dry, but don't you get a layer of dead cells 
: after a short while on the aluminium ?

: /Stefan  

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: 		Stefan Backstrom
: 		seab at

We simply wash with water, incubate 1 hr in 30% HNO3, wash with water, 
incubate at least overnight in 95% EtOH. Later, Mike Cooley

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