About arbitrary primers in differential display

Michael Cooley szcooley at dale.ucdavis.edu
Thu May 25 10:04:54 EST 1995

Toshiharu Ishizuka (tishizuk at aqu.bekkoame.or.jp) wrote:
: Dear bionetters,

:    I used the RNAmap kit of Gene Hunter. I have a question about the
: principle of the differential display. 

:    In the kit, 20 arbitary primers (sense primers) are included. The
: length of these primers is 10 mer. I think that it is possible to design
: 4^10 random primers theoretically. I would like to know why these 20
: primers are selected from the possible 4^10 primers. Are there some rules
: to design the sense primers in differential display ? Please teach me.

: Sincerely yours,

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These primers are not selected at random. I don't know about Hunter but 
Operon selects the primers based on GC content, ie about 60%. Later, Mike 

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