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Thu May 25 23:57:06 EST 1995

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> Dear netters,
> I recently posted an answer to a thread about "DNA labeling alternatives"
> (see below) saying that in this case I would use a method that I've never
> used before. So this was just an idea rather than experience.
> Another answer to the same thread contained the question on what basis 
> I recommended a method that I have never tried.
> I think this question is of more general interest so that it should be
> discussed seperately. What do you think about it? Are you also interested in
> ideas or is experience the ONLY thing that counts?
> I would vote for having both.
> Hope to hear some peoples opinions
>   Klaus

Since Klaus is referring to my reponse to his post, I will respond to his
criticism as well.  My comment was that he was suggesting that one method
will work better and I simply asked why he thought so.  I didn't suggest
it wouldn't but was curious about what scientific basis he had for his
suggestion. There is always several ways to approach any problem, and this
newsgroup tend to focus on those with experience sharing it with those who
are faced with a new problem for which they don't feel they have the

I made my comment since I wanted to know why Klaus thought that using the
primers would be better.  Ideas are fine, but o offer an idea without a
logical explanation as to why it should work better is sort of like trying
to publish a paper without doing the experiments, or at least offering a
plausible explanation to support the hypothesis.  Experience is an idea
that worked. Lets assume our friend in need tried every possible idea
suggested that had yet to be proven effective and couldn't get them to
work.  Have we helped provide him with methodology to solve his problem? 
Not really.  It might have been better to suggest using the primers and
then ask if anyone reading the newsgroup had tried both methods, and which
did they think worked best for a particular situation. In that way we get
ideas and experience and a better idea of the best way to tackle specific
situations. Right ?


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