LKB Superrac 2211 Fraction collector - instruction manual needed

Norbert E. Kremer nkremer at
Thu May 25 20:19:25 EST 1995

I have an LKB Superrac 2211 Fraction collector, for which the manual has been 

I think I  can figure out how to program it by playing with all the buttons, 
but I need help with one of the electrical connections at the back. 

I want to hook up the "event marker" pen of a chart recorder to the the 
fraction collector, so that I can tell when  a new fraction has been started. 
There is a  25 pin connector on the back of the Superrac (labelled "External 
INPUT-OUTPUT").   This 25 pin connector is the same as the one used on a 
parallel cable on an IBM-compatible printer  (ie DB25).   I just need to know 
the pin-out diagram of this connector, especially the 2 or 3 pins that connect 
to the "event marker" or "fraction change" contacts. 

Many thanks for any responses.  (I hope I am not stretching too far the 
definition of  methods-reagents.)

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