pipetman calibration

Tom Thatcher ttha at uhura.cc.rochester.edu
Thu May 25 13:32:29 EST 1995

In <3q0ct5$bu2 at neuro.usc.edu> william at neuro.usc.edu (Fiberman) writes:

>Anyone out there know how to calibrate Gilson pipetmen?  Do I need a
>special tool to do this?  Appreicate any help.

Here in Rochester one of the companies we get our tips from has a service
where they will recondition Gilsons for $40 each.  For do-it-yourselfers,
Rainin sells a calibration tool for early model pipetters (the ones with
3 brass hex nuts on one thumb ring and three silver nuts on the other).
I don't know if they sell a tool for the newer models (with lots of little
round holes on the top of the thumb rings.

To do it yourself, you will also need some o-rings and seals.

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