clipart of mol biol techniques

Jim Owens jow at
Fri May 26 11:18:38 EST 1995

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>Advanced Graphics Software (800) 795-4754 has 600 science related images
>for $99.  I've only seen their advertisement, so I don't know if it has
>everything you need.  Now can anyone tell me where to get the same thing
>to run on Macintosh?  Thanks!  Bill Kelly

What is the format for these graphics.  With System 7.5 your Mac will
accept floppy diskettes formatted by DOS/Windows cpus.  You need to find
either a Mac application that can open the file format or find a
conversion utility, such as, Graphic Converter which is shareware and
available from sumex or Univ of Michigan archives by ftp.

Good luck,

Jim Owens

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