Mac program for making banner for poster?

Ron Caspi rcaspi at
Fri May 26 16:48:45 EST 1995

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aquilla at says...
>I have a Mac and need a program to make a banner (i.e. title) for a poster
>I'm presenting next week. Can anyone suggest something, preferably
>share-ware and an FTP site where I can find it? Thanks much.
>    tracy

What we do in our lab is use Canvas (it's expensive, but very useful for 
graphics). It would let you place the text over as many pages as you would 
like, preview it, so you can make sure that the font size is exactly the way you 
want it, and then print it on a printer that uses Z-fold paper (we use a paint 
writer, but I'm sure you can use an old image writer). This way, the pages are 
already attached, and all you have to do, is reinforce it with tape on the back 

Ron Caspi
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
La Jolla  CA  92093-0202

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