dehydrating bacterial cells?

Bradley Workman-Davies 120bww at
Thu May 25 09:29:51 EST 1995

Hi. I am interested in dehydrating bacterial cells tho don't have any idea 
where to start looking for info concerning it. Has anyone everdone it?
My idea is based on freezing the cells perhaps with liquid nitrogen. anyone 
know anything about cryogenics? The problem I see with liquid nitrogen is 
that the cell contents may shatter. Anyway I am looking for a way to 
dehydrate the cells preserving them totally so that i could then rehydrate 
them and that they are fully functional.
I haven't had any experience with this before and only had the idea in the 
bath (Eureka!!! *grin* ) last night.
Thanx in advance.
Please mail me directly with any info.
107Lisa at

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