Theoretical pI's

To: Nikolai troianovsk_s at MSDISK.WUSTL.EDU
Sun May 28 00:33:56 EST 1995

>Description: Theoretical pI's
>I'm in the process of expressing a protein with about 200 amino acids, 
>and my cells are making something that looks like the right thing, but it 
>would be nice to verify that.  I've just been reading a paper where 
>somebody calculates the theoretical pI of his protein and then shows that 
>his expression product moves as predicted in 2d electrophoresis.  
>Unfortunately he doesn't explain how he works out the value accurately.  
>Nobody here can tell me how to calculate a theoretical pI from an amino  
>acid sequence except very roughly, so if anybody knows how, or could 
>point me to a reference I would be very grateful,
>Thanks a lot,

Hi, Jared

if you have access to VAX/VMS server with GCG programm installed on it, you
could easy calculate Isoelectric point of a protein based on it aa seq.
Brief summary of the GCG commands you may find at

good luck


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