dehydrating bacterial cells?

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Sun May 28 16:36:35 EST 1995

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> Hi. I am interested in dehydrating bacterial cells tho don't have any idea 
> where to start looking for info concerning it. Has anyone everdone it?
> My idea is based on freezing the cells perhaps with liquid nitrogen. anyone 
> know anything about cryogenics? The problem I see with liquid nitrogen is 
> that the cell contents may shatter. Anyway I am looking for a way to 
> dehydrate the cells preserving them totally so that i could then rehydrate 
> them and that they are fully functional.
> I haven't had any experience with this before and only had the idea in the 
> bath (Eureka!!! *grin* ) last night.
> Thanx in advance.
> Please mail me directly with any info.
> 107Lisa at
> Lisa
To freeze cells with liquid N2, they need to have some glycerol or DMSO
present... freezing a liquid culture without one of these will kill all the
cells (as I know from experience!)  I have received cells from suppliers as
lyophilised discs:  how the cells are treated before the are dried, I don't
know - from a glycerol suspension perhaps?

Good luck!

Richard Heath 

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