A bit of confusion.

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: Hi there.

: Background: there was a message posted in the group where Jared
: (jared.head at bristol.ac.uk) asked how to calculate pI of a protein.

: My answer was: "if you have access to VAX/VMS server with GCG programm
: installed on it, you could easy calculate Isoelectric point of a protein
: based on it aa seq".

: I thought that the answer was correct until I`v take a look at the other
: reply to the same question, where David C. Logan wrote: "As I understand
: your message correctly you wish to calculate a theoretical pI (I say this
: because I was a bit confussed by one of the responders to your question)".

: ????: Could somebody explain me the difference between abbreviation "pI",
: and the words "Isoelectic point".
: I`m asking this question because I feel that I`m missing something.

: Thanks,

: Nikolai
There is NO difference. PI is the Isoelectric point. Unless new 
technology has arrived. people used to do 2d gels with different PH 
gradients and determine the PI of proteins. If you need more information 
read protein purification books. "guide to Protein Purification" by 
Deutscher is a good one.

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