Will chlorophyll chelate Mg++ in PCR?

Jonathan B. Marder MARDER at agri.huji.ac.il
Sun May 28 01:27:00 EST 1995

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   mes at zoo.toronto.edu (Mark Siddall) wrote:
>We've been having a fair bit of trouble amplifying from phytoplankton.
>We fiddled and fretted for a coulpe of weeks.
>Then it hit me:  chlorophyls a and b hold Mg++ in the center!! and may
>be getting greedy with the Mg++ in our PCR mixtures thereby blowing
>our reactions.
Chelation of Mg++ in chlorophyll is enzymatic. Mild acid tends to cause
the Mg++ to bew released (chl becomes pheophytin) and it does *not*
spontenously rebind when the pH is corrected. Thus it seems unlikely
that chl is mucking up your PCR for the reason you suggest.

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