immunoglobulin sequence database

Alex Chang lpss at
Mon May 29 13:36:22 EST 1995

I'd like to thank Norbert Kremer and T.T. Wu for their help in locating 
the databases. Here is the summary of them.

1. ftp site:, in the directory of /repository/kabat. 
There are two versions, one is frequently updated (raw data files) under 
directory /dump; the other is the 91(5th edition) version, with genbank 
flat files. 

2. V base:
It is a comprehensive directory of human ig in germline variable region 
sequences compiled from over a thousand separate published seuqences. The 
sequences are in text format.

3. gopher://
It allows you to search the Kabat database.

I have downloaded the sequences from 1 and 2, and now looking for DNA 
analysis programs to do alignment, similarity search and other analysis. 
We have Genework (2.3.1), I'll try it first. I'll appreciate for 
recomendations for those database analysis programs. Again, I'll post a 

Alex Chang
University of British Columbia
achang at

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