Marfan Syndrome mutation analysis ?

Peter Van Osta pvanosta at
Mon May 29 11:22:16 EST 1995


I am starting with the mutation analysis of our pool of Marfan patients, is 
there anybody reading this who is also working on mutation sreening of this 
disease ?

I am using exon-flanking intron primers for PCR amplification of the (65) 
exons of the FBN gene on genomic DNA, so I am not working on cDNA.

For the mutation-screening I intend to use Hydrolink MDE-gels for 
heteroduplex analysis, is there anyone who has used these gels for this gene ? 
What are the best conditions using this gel type (or another) to improve the 
detection rate in the fibrillin-gene ?
Is it necessary to use cooling for the gels, or is room temperature 
and low-power conditions sufficient for not disturbing the heterduplexes?

What is a good way for optimizing the formation of heteroduplexes ?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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