Binding to plastic=denaturation?

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Tue May 30 13:39:23 EST 1995

I would suggest that you check Butler, J.E. et al, "The physical
and functional behavior of capture antibodies adsorbed on polystyrene", 
J. Immunol. Methods 150 (-2), 77 (1992). I'm sure the article will
lead you to other references.
JerryIn article <3pv7tk$14l at>, wind at (Troels Wind) writes:
>Hi there,
>Can anyone guide me to a ref about proteins behaviour upon binding to plastic
>surfaces e.g. ELISA? My concern is the destruction of epitopes due to partially
>denaturation and/or the creation of new ones.
>Thanks in advance
>Troels Wind
>University of Aarhus
>Dept. of Chemistry
>Div. of Biostructure

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