PCR amplification w/ secondary structure

Josh Goldstein josh at panda.uchc.edu
Tue May 30 09:43:13 EST 1995

In article <3pi7vl$10vk at power.ci.uv.es>, Fernando Gonzalez
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> We are having problems with the amplification by PCR of an A+T rich, 500  
> bp fragment that probably forms secundary structures. It is the NADH3 

   There was an article in Biotechniques where they tried to PCR a GC rich
sequence, using a bunch of different organics thrown in, and found that
formamide works best.  I personally have found that 7-10% formamide in my
PCR reactions (which are 70% GC rich) is extremely helpful.

Josh Goldstein
UConn Health Center
josh at panda.uchc.edu

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