Rf: Re: A bit of confusion.

LOGAND logand at msdos.ensam.inra.fr
Tue May 30 03:18:18 EST 1995

(To:  Nikolai) (troianovsk_s at MSDISK.WUSTL.EDU) wrote:
: Hi there.

: Background: there was a message posted in the group where Jared
: (jared.head at bristol.ac.uk) asked how to calculate pI of a protein.

: My answer was: "if you have access to VAX/VMS server with GCG programm
: installed on it, you could easy calculate Isoelectric point of a protein
: based on it aa seq".

: I thought that the answer was correct until I`v take a look at the other
: reply to the same question, where David C. Logan wrote: "As I understand
: your message correctly you wish to calculate a theoretical pI (I say this
: because I was a bit confussed by one of the responders to your 

: ????: Could somebody explain me the difference between abbreviation "pI",
: and the words "Isoelectic point".
: I`m asking this question because I feel that I`m missing something.

: Thanks,

: Nikolai

I was confused simply because, as I understood it, Jared asked for a method 
for determining the "THEORETICAL" pI , yet one of the responders detailed a 
method to determine the "MEASURED" pI which Jared had explained had been 
done using 2-D PAGE.


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