gel shifts with labeled protein as a probe??

Fergus Mckenzie Mckenzie at
Wed May 31 07:06:59 EST 1995

In article <3qf1d2$t5r at> Aron B. Jaffe, jaffe at writes:
>I would like to look at protein-protein interactions on a non-
>denaturing gel using an 35S-labeled protein as my probe.  Can I
>do this?  Does anyone know of a reference?

	Dear Aron,
				You don't specify exactly what you wish to do here by way of 
protein-protein interactions, but one big success was in searching for 
protein kinase A interactions with specific anchoring proteins using
32P labelled PKA regulatory  subunit and non-denaturing gels.
	See the reference below for a short review;

	Carr, D.W. and Scott, J.D. (1992), TIBS, 17, 246-249.


	Mckenzie at

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