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*********************** Announcement ***********************
International Workshop on "Single Molecule Detection: Basics 
and Applications in Life Sciences"

Organized under the Auspices of the Society for the Advancement 
of Medical, Biological and Environmental Technologies (Germany) 
and supported by BiosQuant GmbH (Berlin, Germany)

Date and Location:
4 - 6 October 1995 at BiosQuant GmbH in Berlin-Adlershof 

Aims and purpose

Detection and spectroscopy of single molecules under 
biologically interesting conditions has gained considerable 
interest since the first report of single molecule detection 
(SMD) in a liquid 1976. The spectroscopic technique mostly 
involved in SMD is laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy, 
mainly applied in two different experimental set-ups: detection 
within a focused laser beam and detection in a Near-Field 
Scanning Optical Microscope. Besides these spectroscopic 
techniques, other methods like Magnetic Resonance become also 
increasingly important for single molecule studies.
The possibility of detecting and even spectroscopically 
studying single molecules in solution offers far-reaching 
perspectives for the application of this technique in 
analytical chemistry and life sciences. One of the most 
striking challenges is the application of SMD for ultrafast DNA 
sequencing. But also the detection of minute amounts of sub
stances and "direct" measurements of their concentration by 
counting single molecules in definite volumes seem to be possi
ble. Another promising perspective is the monitoring of 
chemical and structural changes of molecules on a single 
molecule level, gaining new insight into complex processes 
which is impossible by bulk measurements.
The aim of the workshop is to review the results obtained so 
far and to exchange the experience of the groups working in the 
field. Special emphasis will be on the application of single 
molecule detection and spectroscopy to chemical and life 
sciences. We attempt thereby the exchange of knowledge between 
the experts in SMD and interested scientists from chemical and 
life sciences.

Invited speakers:

Steven Soper (Baton Rouge, USA): Single Molecule Detection in 
the Near-Infrared: Monitoring Real-World Type Chemical Pheno
mena at the Ultimate Level of Sensitivity

Pat Ambrose (Los Alamos, USA): Near-Field Scanning Optical 
Microscopy with Single Molecule Sensitivity

Peter Goodwin (Los Alamos, USA): Progress Towards Single 
Molecule DNA Sequencing

Christian von Borczyskowski (Chemnitz, FRG): Detection of 
Magnetic Resonance on Single Molecules

Rudolf Rigler (Stockholm, S): Fluorescence Correlation 
Spectroscopy and Single Molecule Detection

Contributed Papers:
Contributions can be submitted for oral presentation (15 min) 
or as posters. A 200 word abstract should be submitted not 
later than July 1, 1995.

Manuscripts of accepted contributions will be considered for 
publication in a special issue of Experimental Technique of 
Physics. An Abstract Digest will be available for the 
participants at the time of the workshop.

Workshop fees:
Commercial Institutions:              400,* DM
Universities/Scientific Institutes:   200,* DM
Full time students:                    80,* DM

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