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  > Here  we  sit  at  Imperial  College  awaiting  the  delivery  of
  > an  ABI  377  and  apparently  some  of  the  software  will  not
  > run  on  the Macs  which  come  with  it. So  dare  I  ask - in  
  > addition  to  Genescan  what  else  is  "broken"  on  the  new  
  > machine ?  Just  so  I  know - I'm  sure  you  understand. And  I
  > was  told  the  backup  was  really  good.
  > Marc


I would phone them and give them a hard time. Get them to spell out
exactly what will run and what will not. And then, it would be much
appreciated if you would pass the answers on to the rest of us.

Be aware also that there are reported problems with non-ABI software
(specifically the staden contig assembly package) being unable to read
sequence files from the newest version of the sequencing software (2.1?).
This is because ABI have changed their file format recently. That might be
something else you want to ask them about.

Again, I reserve the right to be proved wrong
Andy Law

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