EST clones

Dr S T May lsrei at
Wed May 31 08:06:29 EST 1995

Although it may vary from program to program, all of the
Arabidopsis ESTs that I have had cause to look at have
been single runs from sequencing primers (T3, T7, ....).

I don't know if there is a provision for people updating
the sequence of ESTs that they have sequenced further.
I suppose that this would lead to all sorts of problems
over attribution, although I understand that the ESTs
are public domain ? 

Anyone know the answer to this ?

Surely updating ESTs is in the mainstream interest of the
various initiatives.

I guess funding for the initiatives is the 'carrot' for the
various groups to submit ESTs (as well as attribution).
Other people extending these sequences might need the 'carrot'
of 'updater' attribution in order to submit extended sequences.
What is the general opinion on this ?

Sean May  [lsrei at]
Warwick University, Coventry, U.K.

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