EST clones

Massimo Delledonne delle at
Wed May 31 23:54:35 EST 1995

obrien at (PJOB) wrote:
>Is there a FAQ regarding the Expressed Sequence Tag database and the clones
>described therein? 

yes, I don't know if it is really a FAQ but anyway it explain everything 
about EST ... but I don't remember where it is .. sorry .. take a look to ..
from where you should be able to find it ...

> If not, can anyone tell me if the sequences in the database represent the
>entire insert of a given clone, or just a single sequencing run from one of
>the two universal primers that flank the insert?  

At least for arabidopsis, the sequence represent a single run from one 
(usually the 5') site of the cDNA ....
I got some clones ranging from 500 to 1400 bp ...

hope this help 


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