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mabman at best.com (J S Abrams) wrote:
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>(I-Kai Frank Lin) wrote:
>> Does anyone know of any online encyclopedias or mauals of standard
>> molecular biological protocols? Any ftp, telnet, or WWW addresses would
>> be very greatly appreciated.
>While strictly not an FTP or WWW site, the Current Protocols in Immunology
>and Molecular Biology Series is a very complete and worthwhile reference
>compendium of techniques to know about.  Most libraries have the hard copy
>form which is in binder format.  It also is available on CD-ROM.

Just got off the web from a site that might interest you. Molecular Biology Protocols at
http://research.nwfsc.noaa.gov.80/protocols.html. This web site will refer you to some
others as well.

Rick Tullis
Synthetic Genetics

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