Anyone used 'Silver Sequence'?

Jon Stewart jds2 at
Thu Nov 2 09:07:06 EST 1995


I have been using this kit in my lab since I didn't want to hassle with 
the radiation licensing, inspections, etc.  The overall quality of the 
gels is not as good one would obtain with Sequenase and 35S, but for 
checking sequences after site-directed mutagenesis or other small jobs, 
it is usually quite adequate.  It is also nice to be able to see the 
sequence on the same day as you run the gel.  I have been told (although 
I have not verified) that one key is to use Milli-Q water for the 
solutions rather than house DI water, otherwise the background becomes 
very bad.

Jon Stewart
Department of Chemistry
University of Florida

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