Which thermocycler to buy???

june eva paciga jpaciga at com1.med.usf.edu
Thu Nov 2 17:44:17 EST 1995

Mike Curtin <mbc11 at psuvm.psu.edu> wrote:
>Our lab is in the market for a new thermocycler.  I have narrowed the 
>field down to two choises:  MJ Research PTC-100 and Biometra UNO-96.    
>Can anyone please provide personal accounts of these machines, as to 
>their performance, reliability, and dependability.  I'm especially 
>interested in the Biometra machines.  Any help would be greatly 
>appreciated.  Thanks!!
>Mike C.
>Penn State University


We have been using the Biometra UNO-Thermoblock in our lab and are very 
satisfied with its performance.  It doesn't take up much bench space and 
was one of the least expensive thermocyclers on the market when we 
purchased it two years ago.  We've never had any technical problems with 
the instrument and we've obtained reproducible results.  Hope this 
helps.  If I can answer any other questions please contact me.

June Eva Paciga
University of South Florida
College of Medicine
Department of Pathology
Tampa FL

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