Single vs. Double Stranded DNA

Mark Walberg walberg at
Thu Nov 2 21:26:19 EST 1995

Ian Clarke <intermed at> wrote:
>Hi everyone:
>I am looking for a way to distinguish double stranded PCR products from 
>single stranded primers and the unincorporated dNTPs.
>Is it possible to do this by measuring the 260/280 ratio?
>Are there any other ways to distinguish these species without resorting 
>to column technologies.

I haven't tried it, but I sure bet that acridine orange staining would
 work very well.  Fluorescence is green for one and orange for the
other.  There is a paper in PNAS about how to do it for RNA vs DNA on 
glyoxal gels for Northern blots from anout 1977.
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