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Deconex ?

Paul N Hengen pnh at ncifcrf.gov
Thu Nov 2 14:16:32 EST 1995

Someone asked about Deconex...and Alexander Kraev wrote:

| This question is not really so stupid, as detergents are a tricky 
| matter, and you never know what exactly inside the bottle with a certain 
| brand name is. We use Deconex 11 Universal, but the simplest way to 
| clean these plates is submerge in 1 M NaOH for about an hour and then
| rinse well under running water and finally with good quality ethanol.
| Some protocols that use covalent linkage of gel, actually call for this
| step, which also clears away the remnants of the previous gel. On the
| other hand, many dishwash detergents (even some containing <lanoline> 
| for hand protection ) can be successfully used, but that depends on the 
| country, I guess... I suggest you look into the FAQ list for latest 
| developments in this area, I remember some kitchen items are in use 
| there..

I just read a paper in BioTechniques about using cerium oxide paste to
clean glass plates used for sequencing. This stuff is used for polishing
gemstones. Although the authors give a supply company, I'm wondering
if it isn't easier to get from, say, a place that engraves gravestones.
Where else could someone get this stuff locally for a trial run?

author = "D. Millard
     and H. G. de Couet",
title = "Preparation of glass plates with
cerium oxide for {DNA} sequencing",
journal = "BioTechniques",
volume = "19",
pages = "576",
month = "oct",
comment = "cleaning agents for glass",
year = "1995"}

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