Salt-free DNA precipitation?

Koen De Smet kds30
Fri Nov 3 07:55:47 EST 1995

JOHNV at PANVERA.COM ("John Van Herwynen") wrote:
>Are there methods for the precipitation of DNA without the use of salts
>and/or alcohols?

I may be ableto help you to get halfway: this technique still uses salt in the precipitation, but no alcohol, while the wash (as ussual) does not contain salts).
I routinely precipitate PCR products by adding 1/10 V of 3M sodiumacetate pH 5.2 and 1V of 30% PEG-6000. Leave for 15 minutes at room temperature and spin. Wash with 70% ethanol.
This precipitates the PCR product, but not the oligos, so the DNA can be used for sequencing.

Koen De Smet

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