Q : Sequencer

aaron jacob kelly ajkelly at silver.ucs.indiana.edu
Sun Nov 5 12:27:10 EST 1995


our group is verry interested in an automatic sequencer. So we would like to
get some information from peoples who have some expirience with the
"Alf-Express"-Sequencer from Pharmacia and the Li-Cor-Sequencer.
Thanks a lot for your help !

we have access to a li-cor sequencer in our department and i have used it 
alot with great success using labeled primers.  i personally have not had 
much success with internal labeling, but i was using a new protocol. 
someone else in our lab has gotten that to work as well.

the larger model seemed to give much better results than the shorter 
one.  i have typically gotten around 800 basepairs of pretty good read 
using just the autosequencing with no manual editing.  i have gotten up 
to 1000 basepairs with only a few ambiguities, but 650 of that was vector.
we use the sequitherm kit from epicenter technologies.

good luck,
ajkelly at ucs.indiana.edu

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