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Software for making poster titles?

Daniel Kim dkim at nmsu.edu
Tue Nov 7 14:40:35 EST 1995

In article <47nnuj$hhd at selene.rz.uni-duesseldorf.de> goran at atax.neur.uni-duesseldorf.de (G.P.) writes:
>Does anybody know of a shareware for PC or Mac which enables printing
>of big poster titles over several "normal" pages (8.5 x 9 inches or so)
>which can be than glued next to each other.
>I know of a program called Designer, but I am looking for something
>Any suggestions?
>goran at atax.neur.uni-duesseldorf.de


I have used a program for the PC compatible called GeoWorks Ensemble 
2.01.  This is a suite of programs under a graphical operating 
environment that will work on as little as a 286 with 1 Mb RAM and 10 - 
12 Mb HDD space.  The entire suite, including word processor, drawing 
program, spreadsheet, database, comm program, banner maker, games, and 
other bits of stuff costs $80.00 US.  There are also German versions.

The operating environment allows 32-character filenames and is a 
preemptively multitasking, multithreaded, object-oriented system.  
Multiple thread handling means that you can do things like format a disk 
while printing a file while downloading a file via modem while writing a 
document at the same time.

There is a shareware evaluation version called GeoPublish available for 
anonymous FTP but I forget the address. Check out newsgroup comp.os.geos.

This program will allow you to make a banner that prints over several 

First define your page size as 8.5" tall by up to 44" wide.

Set your font size to whatever is appropriate (from 4 point to 400 point, 
I think).

Set paragraph to center-justified (if desired).

Write your title, etc, as you would like.

If you have the registered version, import any clip art or logo to the 

Define a border around the banner (either by defining a paragraph border 
or by using the draw rectangle tool).

Use the rotate tool to rotate the finished banner 90 degrees.

Print the banner.  It will ask if you want to print on successive pages 
or rescale the banner to fit one page.  Select to print on successive pages.

That's it.  If you have access, you could even print in color.

This is a really good package.  I have used it to make slides for 
presentations using line graphics and imported .GIF images of molecules, 
etc.  Long filenames are very convenient for keeping documents straight.  
GEOS does not use much space.  The word processing program takes only 
83.5 kbytes because object-oriented programming allows much of the code 
to be re-used, but it has about 90% of the functions in a first-tier DTP 

There are a few tricks to optimizing memory for GEOS, and also for 
printing.  Because GEOS will print EVERYTHING as a graphic, it does take 
a long time to print out, but the results are worth it.  This package 
gives the best performance for money of anything I've yet found (no 
affiliation to the company.).

If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact comp.os.geos, or 
write to me.

Daniel Kim
dkim at nmsu.edu

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