Protocol for Immunostaining tissue sections for B-galactosidase

Dan Johnson adj8n at
Tue Nov 7 10:30:16 EST 1995


	We are looking for a protocol to immunostain for B-gal in 
sectioned tissues of embryos.  The original embryos were fixed in 
paraformaldehyde for 48hrs, then whole-mount stained for B-gal.  We got 
great staining for B-gal, but unfortunately when the tissues were 
sectioned into 10um thick paraffin sections, the blue stain was too light 
to be visible anymore.  We would like to use the Sigma (or other) 
antibody to B-gal to immunostain the protein, since we already know 
approximately where it is located, but cannot see it specifically.
	So does anyone have a protocol, knowledge, suggestions, caveats, 
etc., about trying this.  All help would be greatly appreciated.

	Dan Johnson

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