covalent protein-plastic linkage

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Tue Nov 7 08:52:12 EST 1995

	Streptavidin will attach and will remain after mild alkali
denaturation.  However, streptavidin does not attach to polystyrene with
the same efficiency as Ig and you probably will not have sufficient product
for non-cycle seqnencing protocols. I know of two alternatives:

1. Use streptavidin coated magnetic beads with a magnetic separator which
  accommodates a 96 well plate. (I know they are available, but not the
  source. )

2. Use covalink plates from Nunc. Here you covalently link protein or 
  DNA (via a 5' amino group on a primer - this may also prove cheaper than
 biotinylation of primers).  I have never used these but it may be worth
 looking up binding capacities etc.

	Hope this helps,

	Raj Odedra
	(mbro at

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