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>    Can anyone recommend a program for Macintosh or Power Macintosh which
> can perform protein sequence analysis and protein alignments?  I have
> heard of Macvector from International Biotechnologies Inc, but I can't get
> in touch w/ them.  I would like a powerful commercial package.  Please
> E-mail any responses.  Thank you very muc for your help.

Kodak (Kodak BioImaging?) handles MacVector now. I guess they swallowed up ABI.

We use MacVector 4.5 in the lab (dunno if it's a fat binary or PPC
native). I'm probably not taking advantage of all it's features but I
mostly use it to enter nucleotide sequences and have it proof read back to

I use network BLAST to do sequence database alignments, the new network
Entrez v4.010 will also do database alignments although you only get the
references + sequence (no alignments) and I have used SeqApp/MACAW to
assemble contigs

You could look at the free SeqApp package from Dan Gilbert

Network BLAST, Network Entrez and MACAW are available from

You do have to register your IP address in order for network BLAST to
work. The same used to apply to network Entrez but they seemed to have
waived that requiremnt for now.


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