Better denaturant than SDS?

Harry Harry.Witchel at
Wed Nov 8 04:45:30 EST 1995

In article <47nqqr$qh5 at>, chrisbel at eukaryotaB says...
>Hi netters,
>I want to stop enzymatic reaction without using heat.  I work under in situ
>condition with raw material.  Heating extract a lot of unwanted stuff.  I
>used SDS as denaturing agent but it's a bit too foamy.  Any suggestion on
>better denaturing agent?  Any other idea on stopping enzymatic reaction
>under in situ conditions with raw material?
>E-mail me your answers.
>Christian Belanger
>c_belanger2 at
Christian --
	You do not say what reaction you want to inhibit nor what restrictions 
you have as far as the denaturant.  Without knowing more, I can only suggest 
two sundry options for most situations:

1)  Guanidinium isothiocyanate (4-6 M).  It will not foam much (unless you put 
something foamy into it),
2)  Very high salt (eg 8M LiCl, CsTFA, etc.).  If you have high enough salt, 
it inhibits protein interactions with other things.
3)  Reducing agents (B-mercapto ethanol or dithiothreitol) can be used in 
conjunction with either of the above techniques.

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