Design of dye terminator primers

Bill Burnett bbur at
Thu Nov 9 11:34:46 EST 1995

 (Dr. J.P. Clewley) writes:

>Has anyone any hints or tips for the design of primers specifically
>for cycle sequencing with an ABI dyedeoxy terminator kit?

>Jon Clewley
>Virus Reference Division
>Central Public Health Laboratory
>61 Colindale Avenue
>London NW9 5HT
>United Kingdom

>jclewley at

I just used my pcr primers initially, then a couple of internal 24-mers, I 
didn't do anything 'special', just less than 50% GC and a good 3' end 
preferably with a G or C at the end... I think ABI have an information sheet 
they'll send you but as I recall it doesn't say anything non-'standard'...
If it's a terminator chemistry does the primer make any difference anyway?
If someone knows otherwise could you post or email their words of wisdom?



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