RediVue and EasyTides..Good?

Angela Hofstra Hofstra at
Thu Nov 9 14:44:14 EST 1995

paquette at (Tom Paquette) wrote:
>We are looking at using room temperature 32P-gamma-ATP in an Amersham
>dispenser.  We use several millicuries per week but have had a couple
>of instances where the free PO4 as assessed by PEI sheet is 40 or 50%.
>It is clear that precise use conditions may be of relevance here, perhaps
>utmost relevance. E.g. the dispenser only does 10ul per shot and someone
>needing 20 ul might carry PNK back into the storage ampule.  Now I never
>heard of anyone mixing kinase or any other reactions in an order other
>than A-B-C-32P-enzyme and we did put up a sign that says you have to pipet
>32P into clean tubes. But the question is whether anyone else has had
>good or bad experiences with these room temperature 32P nucleotides from
>NEN and Amersham?  On the surface of it, and especially for us, they seem to
>be significant advantage since they are quick and easy to use and ought to
>be replaced on a weekly basis.  Thanks
>Tom Paquette, PhD
>Senior Scientist
>paquette at
>NeXstar Pharmaceuticals
>Boulder, CO


We use redivue P32 from Amersham regularly.  We don't use a dispenser as 
you describe it. Anyway, I think the convenience is great and we get good 
labelling.  The pink colour helps to keep track of where your label is.  
I've even used it a week after delivery (but only3 days after the 
calibration date) and still got good Northerns.  

Best of luck,


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