RediVue and EasyTides..Good?

Annette C. Hollmann ah690549 at
Fri Nov 10 11:50:49 EST 1995

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>paquette at (Tom Paquette) wrote:
>We use redivue P32 from Amersham regularly.  We don't use a dispenser as 
>you describe it. Anyway, I think the convenience is great and we get good 
>labelling.  The pink colour helps to keep track of where your label is.  
>I've even used it a week after delivery (but only3 days after the 
>calibration date) and still got good Northerns.  

In most labs I have been in, isotopes are routinely used up to
one half-life after the calibration date. We just look up the correction
factor on a chart and do the math. It always works. If you use 
stuff older than one half life, you might be taking chances - we
usually don't try it unless we're desperate ;-)

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P.S. No, we don't move that slowly, we just do more cold stuff than hot.

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