Supplier of Fau I restriction enzyme

Parent Stephane parents at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Fri Nov 10 09:46:03 EST 1995

In article <47klda$5fa at> Trevor Bayston <t.bayston at> writes:
>	Does anybody out there know a commercial supplier for the restriction enzyme Fau I?
>According to our version of Strider this is the only restriction enzyme that will cut in our site 
>of interest, but of course it doesn't appear in any of the catalogues available to us. Any help 
>will be gratefully received.

Try the adress  It's the Rebase
database. You can type in the name of the enzyme and you will get a list
of suppliers. You can also type in the recognition sequence and you will
get a list of isoschizomers of FauI. It's a very usefull adress when you
use such exotic enzyme... :)

Stephane (parents at

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