Transfection of suspension cells

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> Hi guys,
> I want to transfect U937 cells with plasmid-DNA.
> Does anyone have experiences with transfecion of human suspension
> cells ?

We use electroporation for U937 (our control cell model) and other myeloid
cells or B-cells.  It seems to work very well for both transient and
stable transfection.  If you would like more info, e-mail me at
Stephen_Lasky at Brown.EDU.

> I used Lipofection for adherent cells, but i do not known if 
> it works for suspension cells too.

Lipofection didn't work in our hands the first time we tried it.  We never
tried it again because we already had electroporation working but I'm sure
that a little playing around would get it to work also.


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