MitoProt 1.0 an update

Manuel G. CLAROS claros at
Tue Nov 14 12:21:13 EST 1995

An update of the MitoProt application is released. It is available from
the the following servers (and their mirrors):


The essentials are:

Application      MitoProt
Update           Oct 1995
Version          1.0
Description      It supplies a series of parameters that permit theoretical
                   evaluation on mitochondrial targeting sequences, as well
                   as two hydrophobicity related parameters that are important 
                   for predicting the putative importability of a protein into
Author           Manuel G. Claros
Literature       CABIOS 11, 441-447 (1995)
Notes            This first software release is compatible with all the
                   Macintosh computers I have tested, having system 6.0.2
                   or later.

MitoProt 1.0 has been designed for Macintosh computers, using 
THINK Pascal 4.0.2. If someone is interested in making a version
compatible with other platforms, he may contact me.

MitoProt 1.0 (October 1995), the second release

 # The author's new address is included.

 # Mesohydrophobicity calculations have been modified.
 # Hmax has been modified to avoid range overflow.

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