Biorad Transblot Semi-Dry Transfer Cell

regina barnett wonderwench at BMB-FS1.BIOCHEM.OKSTATE.EDU
Wed Nov 15 15:32:09 EST 1995

  Inquiry into possible solution(s) for cleaning problems with equipment.
While using Biorad's Trans-Blot SD Semi-Dry Electrophoretic Transfer Cell -
(catalog # 170-3940), I've run into a spot.  The stainless steel cathode is
forming a build up of precipitate which I assume is from the transfer
buffer(s).  The cathode is cleansed with soft Kim-wipes and nanopure water,
immediately upon end of transfer while it is still moist.  The buffer(s)
have consisted of Glycine, Tris, Methanol, Water & +/- AHA.  The Biorad
people say that they have never heard complaint of this problem, and
suggested soaking filter papers with water and placing on the areas in
question for ~ 3 hours.  This seems to have gotten me nowhere.  Any
suggestions??  Any others out there with similar problems with the same
unit??  Thanks!

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