Supplier of 37mm 23A filter (for Quicktake w. gels)

Donald W. Finley pavzaj at
Thu Nov 16 23:39:57 EST 1995

In article <48g4hi$om1 at>, Dan Baggott <dbaggott at> says:
>Does anybody know a supplier of a 37mm 23A filter?  We have Apple's 
>Quicktake150 digital camera with an adaptor (to 37mm) and close-up 
>lenses, now all we need is the 23A filter and we can start taking 
>pictures of our EtBR-stained gels.  Any help would be much appreciated.  
>(I've sent inquiries to and .marketplace, as well as 
>, with no luck.)
>Dan Baggott
>Reed College Biology Department
>Portland, OR
Kodak has discontiued making the 23A filter.  
They have substituted the 22 filter wich is virtually
identical in absorbsion characteristics.  We use it in
our Lab at Sigma Chemical.  I take it you need a
37 mm screw-in glass filter.  I would call Kodak
at 1-800-242-2424 to find a source for such a filter.

Don Finley
Sigma Chemica, St. Louis

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