Pfu DNA polymerase

elebae at elebae at
Thu Nov 16 07:47:08 EST 1995

Hi there!
Could somebody give me some advice concerning the Stratagene Pfu DNA
polymerase(recombinant version)? I have tried quite many different PCR
conditions, but still I don't get ANY product at all, not even non-specific!
I know all my other reagents are O.K, because I get really good products with
the DYNAZYME polymerase. I have tried different concentrations of glycerol,
different temperatures, different amounts of template, but nothing seems to
help. I would really appreciate some tips, because the enzyme is too
expensive to just  make tens of reactions/trials...I would also be interested
in hearing about the accuracy of this enzyme. 
Thanks a lot!

Elena Baena Gonzalez
Laboratory of plant physiology and molecular biology
Department of biology
University of Turku, Finland-- 

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