RediVue and EasyTides..Good?

Glen Shearer gshearer at
Tue Nov 21 15:57:37 EST 1995

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> tflanigan at wrote:
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> >Tom,
> >we've looked at using redivue and easytides in differential display of mRNA
> >and they did not work.  The preservative(?) seems to interfere with the PCR 
> >reaction.  We were also told that these nucleotides did not work well for in 
> >situ hybridisation but we did not try it.
> >Cheers,
> >Tom Flanigan
> Thanks for this tip. We were planning to use redivue nucleotides in PCR 
> and now we'll reconsider.
> Angela

We've used Redivue alpha-32P-dATP and 35S-dATP for a long time for random
primer labeling, sequencing w/ Sequenase 2.0, klenow fill in, etc. with
excellent results.  Also tried EasyTide which worked fine.  Haven't tried
them with PCR reactions however.


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