DNA from blood

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Mon Nov 20 16:54:54 EST 1995

>   redback.lter.alaska.edu (hAPPY gUY) writes:
>  Does anyone have a good protocol, or reference to a protocol, for
>  preparing genomic DNA from blood samples? Also, are there any commercial
>  kits available for the same purpose that are worth the extra expense of a
>  kit? If you have any helpful information please respond by e-mail if
>  possible.
>  Thanks in advance
>  AJB
Schleicher and Schuell has a product called Isocode, which allows the isolation
of PCR quality DNA from a dried blood spot.  DNA is released from the treated paper
in a manner that retains hemoglobin, a known inhibitor of PCR reactions.  
The isolation method is quick and does not involve the use of proteinase K
or phenol.  Those wishing a sample of isocode should contact the Technical
Services Department at techserv at s-and-s.com or call 1-800-245-4024 and press
2 for a Technical Services Representative.  

					Mike Morgan
					Technical Services Manager

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